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Common Boiler problems and what to check when having problems – Ace Plumbers Worcester

Today’s blog will help you if you have a problem with your heating system and you have no heat right now or you just want to know more about it. We will show you the most common things that go wrong with your heating system and prevent it from working optimally. So before you call a heating contractor or a plumber, read this post from beginning to end as we will list the things to look out for in a specific order. We will start with the easiest things you can check all the way up to the most difficult but all of them are things you can do yourself.

We’ll also take you through step by step and you’ll probably be surprised to find out that the things we will show you are the most common reasons that people call with heating problems and we hope we can help you fix your heating system and get you back up and running whilst saving you some money. Be sure to choose the right plumbing company to carry out the work needed. 


We will start with the first easy tip now – your thermostat. Now don’t panic, we’re not saying that your thermostat is broken; it’s actually much easier than that. Look at what’s blinking in the corner of your thermostat, that little blinking thing says to replace the battery. Now that seems like such a basic thing but if you looked quickly at the thermostat at the beginning, it looked like it was working just fine and that’s the problem with most thermostats. They look like they’re operating correctly but the issue is the batteries aren’t strong enough to switch the heat on any longer. So if you have a no heat situation you should change the batteries. It’s just an easy thing to do, and this is a process of elimination. This is the number one reason people’s heating systems or even air conditioning systems will fail. Get your plumber to check over this thoroughly first before carrying out any of the other processes. 

Emergency Burner Off Switch

Every house in the UK will have a switch usually at the top of the cellar stairs. It might be somewhere near your kitchen but it will always have a red plate. You want to find this switch and make sure it’s in the ‘on’ position. Now don’t discount this because you will say I would never switch it off but remember this happens all the time, and it’s usually not you. It might be your kids, your relative, somebody visiting, or you might have even just hit it by mistake. So double check that this switch is absolutely in the on position. More than likely it will be on and you’ll need a 24/7 plumber to come out and do a full diagnosis of your issue.

Electrical Circuit Breaker Panel

Now in every house, your heating system is almost always going to have its

own circuit breaker, so look at the listing of your circuit breakers. It might

say burner, gas heating system, or heating system but you want to find the number of the circuit breaker and then you want to go up to the panel and look if that circuit is off or tripped. You want to try to at least flip it back to the on position. Now normally breakers don’t trip but they do sometimes and it’s not always a serious problem. So you want to at least try to flip it back on and if it stays on you may have solved your problem right there. If it trips again immediately, you will have to call a heating person or an electrician. But give this a try because this also happens there’s not always a known reason but you want to make sure that that circuit is on.

Oil Tank

This is another one of the most common things that happen in your basement or outside. If you use oil, you will have a tank which is your oil

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tank, and this is where you keep your fuel that runs your heating system. Just like a car, you can run out of gas and you will go nowhere and even though you will say “my oil company delivers my oil and they take care of it”. Mistakes happen so at the top of the tank you will see a gauge. Even if you don’t know what it is, all you need to do is read those marks. There is an ‘E’ sign at the bottom which means enough. That little red plunger in the middle is where your fuel is. All you’re looking for is to make sure it’s somewhere between a quarter and full. So when you’re looking at your heating system, look from the bottom to the top and when you get to the top above every heating system in the United States by code, you will have a little box.

Oil Burner

In the lower center, right in the middle is the thing called the oil burner and on your oil burner, there’s a thing called a burner control and this burner control on the upper right has a red button on it. Some red buttons light up and some of them are just a little red button that pops up. Now the red button is a safety button and what happens is when your oil burner detects a fault, that button will pop up. It is essentially like a little mini circuit breaker and you can press that once maybe twice but if it keeps tripping out on safety as they call it that means that the burner is detecting a fault. So you don’t want to just keep pushing it and pushing it over and over because you could absolutely have a major problem. If you do it once and that fixes it or twice that might be okay and it’ll get you up and running. But you want to call to get your heating system checked or serviced as soon as possible after because you definitely want to have it looked at. Also, hitting the reset button can get you up and going again at least for a short time.


The next thing you want to check is right on your boiler – there’s a little

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gauge and you will have two dials on it. Typically, that will show temperature and then the lower that’s actually the pressure. All you’re really looking for in that gauge is to make sure that there is a reading. If both gauges are at zero, that means your heat really hasn’t run at all or it’s just ice-cold. So you will need to move on to diagnose something else. If your system had pressure power, and it seems like it’s on and running but you just don’t have heat in your house, this is the part you want to check. There are pipes that serve as your delivery system for the hot water that goes up to the radiators of the baseboards in your house to deliver the heat to the rooms. So if you don’t have heat in those rooms this is an important part. These pipes are really hot you don’t want to burn yourself but you should be able to kind of touch them really quickly just to feel how much heat they have. The thing you’re looking for is here is where the heat stops. Now if it is hot on the bottom and it goes into the circulator pump, it shows the pumps are working and they’re moving hot water upward because you can feel it. However, if your boiler is hot but your rooms are cold, you want to look up in the parts of the pipes called zone control valves. These are the switches that control whether or not the hot water will flow to your rooms. If you have these on your system all you want to do is check both sides of it and you want to make sure the hot water is hot on both sides if it’s only hot on one.

Hopefully, our post will help you detect what is wrong with your boiler repair worcester.


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