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Welcome to Ace Plumbers Worcester! We are your local underfloor heating in Worcester experts, known for our professionalism and reliability. We provide installation, maintenance, and repair services to homeowners across Worcester, Bromsgrove, Droitwich Spa, and the surrounding Worcestershire areas. Whether you’re in Worcester or nearby cities like Birmingham or Dudley, we are your go-to trader for all things related to underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating, often referred to as warm water underfloor heating systems or simply wet underfloor heating, has become an increasingly popular way of heating your home in recent years. With advancements in renewable energy and ground source heat pumps, the technology behind these systems has improved drastically, making underfloor heating an effective and affordable way to ensure warm floors beneath your feet.

Worcester Heating Underfloor
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Benefits of
Underfloor Heating

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Underfloor heating offers numerous benefits over traditional, sometimes bulky radiator systems:

Worcester Underfloor Heating

More energy efficien

Underfloor systems, particularly the water systems, circulate hot water via water pipes laid beneath the floor rather than through radiators mounted on walls. This underfloor heating design allows the heat to rise and warm the room from the floor upwards, meaning less heat is wasted heating the air at ceiling height and reducing running costs.

Provides even, consistent warmth

 Radiator systems can create cold spots in a room away from the radiators. But a reliable underfloor heating requires a comprehensive design that ensures the entire floor area is warmed, eliminating cold spots.

More comfort

Walking on a heated floor, especially when the temperature reaches between 65-75 degrees Celsius, feels superb compared to cold hard flooring. It’s especially appreciated in bathrooms where the contrast between cool air and warm floors is most noticeable.

Makes rooms feel more spacious

Underfloor heating without the need for wall-mounted radiators creates a minimalist look, making rooms feel more open.

Improved indoor air quality

Radiant heating means no radiators churning up dust, improving indoor air quality which can especially benefit allergy sufferers.

Types of Underfloor
Heating Systems


There are two main types of underfloor heating systems we install:

Underfloor Heating Worcester Worcestershire
  • Water-Based Underfloor Heating

    This involves laying pipes connected to a boiler or heat pump. Water is heated and circulated through the underfloor heating manifold that distributes warm water to each UFH zone, gently heating the floor. This method is often integrated into extensions or new builds as it may require screed over the pipes.

  • Electric Underfloor Heating

    Electric systems use heating cables or mats laid out underneath or onto the subfloor and covered with a floor finish. The cables warm up when switched on and emit heat upwards. Electric underfloor heating is quick and easy to install and an ideal retrofit option as no hydronic piping is required.

Benefits of Choosing Ace Plumbers Worcester

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There are many good reasons to choose Ace Plumbers for your underfloor heating Worcester needs:

Underfloor Heating Worcester
  • Guarantee and aftercare:

    Our products and services come with manufacturer guarantees for peace of mind. Our aftercare service ensures you're never left in the cold.

  • Underfloor heating solution:

    Tailored systems to suit your home's layout and heat loss requirements.
    Choice of top brands:
    We're proud partners with leading brands like Worcester Bosch, Warmup, and Nu-Heat.

  • Gas safe and competent:

    Our underfloor heating engineers are fully trained and competent. Plus, they are Gas Safe registered for added peace of mind.

  • Cylinder and renewable energy integration:

    We can link underfloor heating with your new or existing boiler or ground source pumps.

  • Design service and case studies:

    For those interested in understanding our past work, we offer detailed case studies and a comprehensive design service.

  • Competitive pricing:

    Being a local family-run firm, our pricing remains competitive with no hidden charges.

Underfloor Heating Worcester WR1

Underfloor Heating
Installation Process


Installing an underfloor heating system, especially in Worcester, is a meticulous process that requires expertise. Whether it’s a renovation or a new installation, understanding the central heating dynamics is crucial. Here is an overview of the key stages:

Consultation & Quotation


During the site survey in Worcester, we assess your home and heating needs. Our team will undertake a detailed analysis, providing a quotation outlining the recommended system design, costs, and timescales.

Underfloor Heating Worcestershire Worcester
Underfloor Worcester Heating

Installation Preparation

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  • For water systems, especially if integrating with existing floors or central heating, the concrete floor is prepared with channels for the pipework. Insulation is laid to maximize heat efficiency, ensuring your renovation is energy-effective.

  • Electric systems, often considered in many renovations, require the subfloor to be screeded and primed before laying heating cables/mats.

Pipework & Wiring Installation


Pipes or cables are meticulously laid out according to the agreed design and connected to the manifold or thermostat. In the central heating system integration, especially with gas boilers that condense, proper linkage is vital. We install sensors to monitor floor temperature.

Underfloor Worcester Heating WR1
Underfloor Worcester Heating WR1 Testing & Commissioning

Floor Covering

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Suitable floor coverings like tile, wood, or carpet are installed over the underfloor heating system. For those in Worcester looking to integrate existing floors with the new underfloor heating, it’s essential to choose the right covering.

Testing & Commissioning


Suitable floor coverings like tile, wood, or carpet are installed over the underfloor heating system. For those in Worcester looking to integrate existing floors with the new underfloor heating, it’s essential to choose the right covering.

Underfloor Worcester Heating WR1 Floor Covering

Maintaining Your
Underfloor Heating

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Once installed, some simple maintenance can keep your underfloor heating operating efficiently:

Underfloor Worcester Heating WR1 Maintaining

Get in touch if you notice your underfloor heating failing to warm rooms properly – this could indicate a buildup of air, leakage or faulty component needing repair by our engineers.

Underfloor Heating Costs


Underfloor heating system costs depend on various factors, including:

Worcester Heating Underfloor Costs
  • Type of system

    Electric systems tend to be cheaper than water-based for smaller areas. Larger homes usually suit a hydronic system.

  • Size of installation

    Costs incrementally increase according to the floor area to be heated.

  • Complexity

    Complex tube or wire layouts for irregular shaped rooms or multiple zones will increase labor and planning costs.

  • Floor covering

    Installations under tiles or stone require more preparation and levelling which adds cost.

  • Boiler integration

    Linking underfloor piping to an existing or new boiler has added costs for connections.

  • Materials and brands

    We offer systems across pricing tiers from entry level to premium.

As experienced installers in Worcester, we can advise on the most cost-effective and energy-efficient system design for your budget and needs. For those in nearby Shropshire, you can also find us to help with your underfloor heating needs.

Please contact us for a detailed
quotation with no obligation.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does underfloor heating take to warm a room?

Due to gently radiating heat from the floor, underfloor systems typically take longer to heat a room compared to radiators – around 30-40 minutes on average. But they provide steady, even warmth for longer.

What floor coverings can I use?

Most types of flooring are compatible including tile, stone, laminate and carpet. Natural materials like stone and tile allow heat to transmit most effectively.

Can underfloor heating reduce my energy bills?

Yes, underfloor systems circulate heat more efficiently so you can lower thermostat temperatures and use less energy while maintaining comfort.

Is underfloor heating suitable for upstairs rooms?

Yes, underfloor heating works very well upstairs – the systems warm rooms from the bottom up so heat rises efficiently throughout multi-storey homes.

Does underfloor heating work with renewable heating?

Absolutely. Underfloor systems can be integrated with eco-friendly heating sources like heat pumps, biomass boilers and solar thermal systems.

Underfloor Heating WR1 Worcester

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