Best Restaurants In Worcester

Worcester Restaurants

Worcester offers a dining scene that is worth boasting about and it is the home of the Foodie Festival and Fortnight as well as the birthplace of the famous Worcestershire sauce. Here are the best restaurants in Worcester.

The following are the Best Restaurants in Worcester:

Bolero Bar & Kitchen

This upscale casual restaurant serves a mix of international and British fare. The daytime menu includes specialty wraps and sandwiches as well as afternoon tea while the evening menu features steaks, pasta, burgers, sage butter, and smoked bacon lardons. Drinks include cognac, champagne, wines, and cocktails.

The Olive Branch

The Olive Branch is a wine and a bistro. It offers a mix of Mediterranean treats styled after the cuisines of Greece, Italy, Spain, and other Mediterranean countries. Some of these delicious cuisines include lamb kofta, deep-fried halloumi, and patatas bravas. They also offer hearty mains such as saffron-infused rice, peas, peppers, mussels, chorizo, chicken, king prawns, baby spinach, and gnocchi with sautéed mushrooms. For post-dinner drinks, head to the cosy wine bar downstairs.


Birgerworks was opened in 2014 and it is the first ever gourmet burger restaurant in Worcester. It boasts of a range of juicy and handcrafted burgers made from ethical and locally sourced produce. You can build your own burgers from a choice of toppings and meat options or choose from one of this restaurant’s signature creations. They have vegetarian-friendly options such as falafel or halloumi burgers.

Galleria Italiana

Galleria Italiana is one of the best Italian restaurants in Worcester. For your fix of pizzas, pasta, and other traditional fares this is the place to be. Their menu features classic Italian meals such as lasagne, Sicilian style pizza, and seafood dishes like calamari and king prawns in garlic as well as linguine with mussels. Galleria Italiana also offers house-made dessert specials like basil and tiramisu cheesecake. There is a fantastic wine list with lots of Italian options.


Chesters offers a mix of traditional and modern Mexican dishes such as Chile con Carne, fajitas, and chimichangas. There is also an expansive menu that features dinner for every dinner from Cajun-inspired fare to pasta dishes with a spicy twist. Chesters also offer a wide variety of vegan-friendly and vegetarian dishes. The cellar level dining room is ideal for a quiet meal while the street-level bar is a great place for post-dinner drinks.

Singapore Restaurant

Singapore Restaurant is nestled in one of the most historic streets in Worcester. It offers lots of classic Cantonese dishes and familiar favourites such as pepper and salt squid, roast duck, or Szechuan style beef. There are also several Malaysians and Singaporean specialties like Malay sambal belacan and stir-fried crab. Singapore Restaurant also serves vegetarian dishes like deep-fried tofu and sweet corn soup. Their desserts include lemon sorbet and New York vanilla cheesecake.

Saffrons Bistro

Saffrons Bistro was opened in 1995 and it gives this city a different kind of dining experience. The menu on offer here is largely European and British in flavor, with dishes like stout casserole with shallots and slow roast beef, beurre blanc, tenderstem broccoli, root vegetables, and bacon lardons. There is also a great of gins as well as champagne cocktails, and wine.

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