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Boiler Service Worcester

At Ace Plumbers Worcester, we don’t want you to be in a situation where your home is without heat and it is very cold. That is why we offer our customers a comprehensive maintenance service to ensure their boiler is in a good working condition long before there is the need to use it for the first time in the year. We don’t want Worcester residents to be left out in the cold when there is a weather change. We want to help you service your boiler now before it is time to use it. You will never find yourself without heat again by allowing our highly skilled technicians to maintain your boiler. We like to see our customers comfortable in their home and it is our joy that we have something to do with that.

Boiler & Central Heating Service In The Worcester Area

Many homeowners assume that it is not important to maintain their boiler, but it really is. Boiler repairs are very common for people neglecting their boiler for years. It is not always good to wait until there is a problem with your boiler before calling on a technician to repair it.

Avoid Boiler Breakdown

Regular maintenance is very important as it allows you to find any problem with your boiler ahead of time. This can be beneficial in many ways; locating issues with your boiler means the problem will be fixed before they become worse. This will most likely help you save a lot of money as you may not be spending money on expensive repairs. Beyond that, regular maintenance can help to detect the problems before you need the boiler. It is far better to know you need to repair your boiler in July when it is hot than it is when you notice in November when it shows for the first time and your house is very old.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Regular boiler service can also mean you will benefit from repair works rather than having to replace the boiler entirely. It is easier to fix issues with the boiler if they are detected early. Having to replace the entire boiler is usually very expensive, and it is one any homeowner wants to deal with at any time.


Faulty boilers can cause poisonous gas leaks, fires, and explosions. These are all potentially dangerous for your family. Regular boiler service can help to prevent this type of mishaps and other boiler issues. Our technicians will help to thoroughly check for any weak or broken parts and replace them where necessary. This will help to keep you and family safe all year round.


If you care about protecting the planet and saving money doing so, it is important to ensure your boiler is running optimally, and it is using only the energy that is necessary to heat your home. In most homes, the cost of running a boiler to maintain the indoor climate can cost up to 50% of the energy bill. Therefore, an inefficient boiler can cost homeowners a lot of money. Don’t pay than you have to for energy bills, get a regular boiler service. Our technicians will check to see if your boiler is working as efficient as it should help prevent energy and heat waste. Efficient boilers don’t have to work too hard to heat your home, so they would waste less money and energy as a result.

Boiler Cover Protection

If you have a boiler cover, your home insurance policy will usually require a service record for you to remain covered by the policy. An insurance policy will ensure that claims are paid when a homeowner is entitled to a payment through their policy. But you as a homeowner also have the responsibility to protect your home by doing your due diligence. Regular boiler service will ensure you keep to your side of the bargain so the insurance company will keep theirs when you file a claim.

Keep your Guarantee/Warranty Valid

Most boilers come with a guarantee/warranty that can help to protect you from the costs of breakdowns or repairs with the boiler. Not servicing your boiler regularly can invalidate this as most guarantees/warranties state they require annual servicing.

Stay Legal (Landlords and Businesses Only)

Law requires both rented accommodation and commercial premises to have gas safety certificates issued to them every twelve months. By law, pipework, boilers, flues, and other gas appliances must be maintained and repaired in a safe condition and the Gas Safety Records must be available and kept on record for 2 years. We recommend that an annual boiler service is conducted to ensure they are operating efficiently and safely.

boiler installation worcester
When Should You Inspect your Boiler?

We recommend that you inspect your boiler at least twice a year, in the spring and fall. Inspecting the boiler during the spring is good because you don’t use it very often during this time and it is easy to tell if deposits are building up in the boiler. It is also good to check the boiler in the fall to determine if atmospheric changes have negatively impacted the boiler since the last maintenance service was performed. The best time to know if there are any problems with the boiler is when it is being used and when it hasn’t been used in a long while.

How Long Do Boilers Last?

Older boiler models differ greatly from the modern ones, this means they are sometimes great but they are hard to maintain as their parts and parts are no longer made and available on the market. Some older boiler models can last up to 100 years but it is usually impossible to service them. However, the newer modern boilers are manufactured differently and they usually have a shorter life span. The average lifespan of most boilers today is around 15 years. The good news with these modern models is that they constructed them in such a way that allows for easy replacement of their parts that often go bad too soon. Sometimes they can last for a very long time as they can be repaired easily. For more information on boilers and central heating systems click here.

We can help to service your boiler and central heating system so they are running efficiently and safely.