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Radiator Repair, Fitting & Powerflush in Worcester

Radiators are a critical part of your central heating system and offer a thermostat-controlled heat to every room of the house. Radiators have long shelf-life, but if you notice any issues with the radiators in your house and are not sure if they are serious or not, it is best to be cautious and call for professional help.

At Ace Plumbers Worcester, we have the knowledge, experience and the capability to handle any radiator fitting, repairs or replacements in Worcester. Our engineers are familiar with different types and sizes of radiations and offer excellent service. Besides repairing and other services, our licensed engineers can also help you identify the best radiators in the market for your new home.


Radiator Repair & Powerflush In Worcester

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Common Radiator Faults 

A perfectly working sound central heating system will improve energy efficiency and keep your heating bills in check. But, even the sturdiest radiators can develop issues at any given time due to various reasons. No matter the issue, it won’t be a big challenge for our team at Ace Plumbing Worcester. Here are some of the common radiator faults that we have gone through –

Radiators Blocked

With time, your central heating will have buildups of limescale, sludge and debris and hinder the radiators’ efficiency. One of the early signs of such a fault is inefficient heating. If the problem is not addressed immediately, the radiator might stop working altogether even if it is recently installed. Our Powerflush services in Worcester will help you get rid of the buildups on the radiator and keep it in top condition.

Air Build-Up in Radiator

If you notice the radiator remain cold long after you have switched it on or hear loud hammering noise coming from the pipes, it can be a sign of air build. Call our expert engineer to get the air released and get it back to normal.

Unbalanced Radiators

When one or a few radiators becomes hotter than others, uneven heating can be experienced. Your best bet would be to call an expert to balance the radiators professionally to allow them to work at their full efficiency.

Faulty TRV

TRVs regulate the flow of hot water inside the radiator to help control the temperature. Often, the radiator can stop working due to plenty of reasons such as knob getting stuck or a leak. Fortunately, replacing the knob is an easy task for our knowledgeable radiator engineer.

Central Heating Radiators develops Pin Holes

If a radiator develops holes in it, it needs to be replaced. Pinholes can occur due to several reasons like leading joints, uninhibited oxygen level and others. Call our engineer to help replace the radiator or just the valves for TRVs whichever is required.

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Local Professional Radiator Service

Radiator Diagnosis

Our engineers can diagnose all types of radiator issues and explain the options available to solve them. We complete all jobs professionally with minimum disruption. We also a drain unblocking service if that’s a problem that you ever need to rectify.

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Whether it is after-hours or during the weekend, our professionals will be able to meet your radiator installation or repair needs in no time. At Ace Plumbers Worcester, we believe in providing excellent customer service at competitive rates to give you the peace of mind you deserve. If you have any problem with your radiator, give us a call and talk to your friendly customer support team.