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Finding trustworthy fitters to fit and install your bathroom can be sometimes difficult. At Plumbers Worcester, we offer expert installation service in Worcester and you can be rest assured that the entire process will run smoothly from start to finish. We offer a comprehensive bathroom fitting service that can help you take care of the full installation on your behalf. Our service is efficient, cost-effective, and time saving. We will install your bathroom suite to the highest standard while also avoiding any disruption to you and your family. Using our service we can arrange a date to install your new bathroom fittings.

We offer the following bathroom fitters installation service in Worcester: floor replacement, mounting of bathroom furniture, installation of accessories, tiling & grouting, wall cladding, wiring & rewiring, and many more. Our installers can get you the functionality, look, and design you are looking for. You can have peace of mind that our installers will get the work done.

Before hiring a bathroom fitter installer, we recommend that you ensure all the new bathroom fittings, furniture, and other accessories have arrived, and we have checked for quality standards of the products. There is nothing worse than starting an installation project only to discover there is something that may cause a delay. Give yourself enough time to be thorough with this process. Our expert plumber always try to ensure all bathroom fittings are quality checked before we start installation to ensure that the bathroom projects run with no hindrance.
Bathroom Fitters Worcester Worcestershire
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Worcester Based Bathroom Fitters And Installation Costs?

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Bathroom fittings and installations

Bathroom Fitters Worcester WR1

This depends largely on what you would like to fit in your bathroom. For example, fitting just a basin can cost around £150 while tiling a large bathroom might cost up to £1,000 or more depending on the area you are tiling and any fiddly tile shapes. Ensure you give us all the necessary detail of your requirements so the quotes match the job you need. Cheaper is not always better, so ensure you get a top-notch finish from the products and installation. In the short term, cutting corners may seem right but it can mean you will get a less than perfect finish.

What to Expect from an Installation


This is a rough guide of the process we will follow when installing your bathroom fittings. The whole process can take between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the scope of the project and the size of your bathroom.

bathroom repair plumbing

What YOU have to do?


Our engineers can diagnose all types of radiator issues and explain the options available to solve them. We complete all jobs professionally with minimum disruption. We also a drain unblocking service if that’s a problem that you ever need to rectify.

What the bathroom
installer will do:
bathroom fitters installation
Bathroom Fitters Worcester
Bathroom Worcester Fitters

Why Choose Our
Bathroom Fitting Service?

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Local Professional Plumbing Service

There is nothing more relaxing than soaking yourself in a hot bath while you are surrounded by beautifully designed fittings and fixtures that have soft appealing colors. One of the most important rooms in the house is the bathroom yet it is common to see many homeowners neglect this area. Apart from adding value to your home, you can also create a personal space that can help to enhance any homeowner’s overall quality of life. At Plumbers Worcester, we are expert bathroom fitters and designers that can help to transform your bathroom. If you ever need your boiler servicing, we also offer this as a service to all Worcester residents.

Worcester Bathroom Fitters WR1

Fantastic Design Facility

Your bathroom is as good as its design. We can help you attain the best possible bathroom that will meet and exceed your personal requirements. We have highly skilled bathroom installers that can help you to create the ultimate bathroom design.

High Quality Baths Installation

There are so many baths to choose from so it is important to get it right. Free standing baths are popular styles that give you the option of either contemporary or traditional models to suit your preferred design. We can also help you install sit and corner baths and any other bath whether small or large.

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How our Bathroom Filters Installation Service Works

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    We will send in some specialists who will thoroughly assess your bathroom and consult you for inputs. This will ensure we meet your exact requirements.

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    We will give you a final quote for the whole project with a 7 working days period.

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    Our bathroom installers will come to your house at the time that is most convenient for you. We will bring all the necessary equipment, tools, and materials.

  • Enjoy your Newly Fitted Bathroom

    Enjoy your Newly Fitted Bathroom When we are done with the project, we will be happy to let you evaluate the work.

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